We work with our bank partners to set strategies and then to translate them into specific actions that lead to measurable results. Throughout our efforts we constantly test emerging initiatives to ensure they align with our partner’s strategic objectives.

Our approach is unique because we highly involve our partners to create a vested interest in seeing ideas become reality. This participative approach helps ensure action across the organization that leads to the attainment of major strategic and return goals.

This high level of partner involvement means that every strategic and operational design is unique with distinctive outcomes and that, together, we deliver measurable results in every case.

Operating Model Gap Analysis

  • Assess gaps between current operating model and projected customer needs and strategic growth objectives – what are the impediments to effective performance?

Process & Infrastructure Design

  • Build top management consensus on key paths to explore during design for earnings momentum.
  • Develop design themes that engender action programs; broad opportunities on where to focus efforts.
  • Business Leaders jointly work through design themes for each line of business / function.

Initiative Development & Implementation

  • Generate a myriad of action programs outlining the specific actions that collectively yield rapid, sustainable outperformance.
  • Action programs with specific economic benefit and costs, implementation milestones and timing, and well-defined technology solutions.
  • Impact of action programs “pushed down” into regular operating budgets for revenue, operating expenses and staffing to ensure accountability and rigorous tracking for implementation success.